ROCK Institute is a faith-based company that has served over 15,000 athletes and Individuals worldwide. With over a 100 combined years of experience and over 30,000 hours of clinical research we continue with purpose & passion to guide others to reach their potential. This has allowed us to become the leader in the regenerative/alternative Medicine and Sports Performance Industry.

  • Sports Performance
  • Injury and Pain Correction
  • Wellness and Longevity

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Rock Community Organization (RCO) was created to build relationships from Business to Sports Professionals in all walks of life. RCO’s core function is to serve others with purpose and passion with the goal of simply helping others who are less fortunate.

RCO is structured around a Non-Profit group called, “Doing your best 4 others”, which is created to do just that. We believe that Life is all about love & serving others to the best of our ability and providing a light that otherwise would not be seen without a little guidance from RCO.

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Rock Management is a subsidiary company of ROCK Advantage, Inc. comprising of key specialist in planning, organizing, staffing, leading and much more. We were created to help ongoing and/or start up companies Reach Optimum Core Knowledge in pursuit to accomplish a common goal. That goal is to create the highest potential out of a company as possible to ensure future success.

We currently focus our efforts in health club restructuring, start-up companies, property management, family trust, and church reorganization. Our team is comprised of attorneys, Real Estate Specialist, proven successful business owners, and strategic relational consultants.

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Our Vision is to provide a quality Christian Corrective Therapy education in a cooperative learning environment. This will be accomplished through our faculty and Council that share similar Christian values while displaying their dedication of purpose and passion to help students reach their academic and professional potential in overall healing for clients and patients.

Our goal is to integrate the healing science and the love of God into a highly sought service-oriented profession providing a “corrective” mindset vs. a “pain management” system.

As a result, a comprehensive methodology for correcting pain, sports injuries, and preventable health problems will be developed in our students that will give them the ability to correct pain but change lives.

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